Sep 3, 2009

The Airbrushed Airhead

Labor Day weekend is coming up and Hottie Husband and I are having a housewarming party Saturday night to celebrate. The theme? Trailer Trash Bash!

I figured this was brilliant! Since we have been in the house less than two months, we really haven't had the time to fix everything up like we want. So, the backyard is still a mess and the decor is not yet all in place. This way we won't be embarassed when our friends wonder why we haven't gotten all this stuff done yet - it's part of the theme! DUH! It's also a great excuse to use up all those random paper plates we have stored through the years - Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Anything goes! I also don't have to wait to whip out my Halloween themed serving trays and chip and dip bowl!

But, as for our costumes, I wanted to do something different. I mean sure, there's no problem wearing a wife beater or some NASCAR attire, but that was too obvious. Then it hit us last night when we were eating dinner - we needed matching airbrushed tshirts!!!

(Note: picture above is not our shirt, but pretty darn close!)

After dinner we ran to the mall and found exactly what we were looking for at one of those kiosks. Next problem - explaining to the guy what we wanted without laughing and poking fun at his regular customers. Now, it's clear that little Mr. and Mrs. J Crew that we are do NOT look like one of his regular customers and I thought it would be way too obvious. So, I opted to go with the truth instead. I started out by telling him that we were having a Trailer Trash party (uh oh!) and we wanted cheesy airbrushed tshirts with hearts and our names on it. He looked at me like I was crazy and shook his head. I saw HH giving me a look out of the corner of my eye, but I went on anyway...

"You know, like some cheesy tshirt they sell at the beach. I mean, not anything like you're wearing...I mean, the airbrush tshirt that you are wearing is really cool...we are just looking for something that we wouldn't normally wear...but I would totally wear the awesome tshirt that you're rocking right now...uhhhh"

I was digging a hole and the dude still looked confused when diplomatic-as-can-be HH stepped in and pointed to a heart with wings in the example book at the kiosk. "We want this. With both of our names on it."

"Ok!" the dude nodded and started writing down the order.

HH (as we walked away): "Uh, good job GG! Making fun of the dude we're trying to order tshirts from."

GG (at a loss for words): "Well, COME ON! Really? I mean...what was I supposed to do? Uhhhh!"

I think I'm going to surprise HH with another airbrush tshirt for his birthday. I'm thinking a mountain scene with a wolf and a bald eagle!



Glamour Girl said...

LOVE it... PLEASE.... post photos!

Yankee Girl said...

That is probably the best idea for a party theme I have ever heard! I'm gonna have to use it one day!

And I cannot believe you even thought about an airbrush tshirt. I haven't thought about those in years!

And yes, please post pics.

Suburban Princess said...

I love it!!!
I would've loved to have seen the look on the guy's face when you were trying to explain what you wanted LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooooooo perfect, you have to post pictures!!! Back in the day, there was a couple at my high school who wore matching airbrush t-shirts with their names on it similar to that (with a beach scene, of course) and my bff would always crack up everytime she saw them.

Elle said...

Sounds hilarious! I hope you share photos. I had an airbrushed t-shirt with my name on it when I was a kid. I think we got it on vacation somewhere and I loved it.

Zoe Right said...

Does this mean you are going to offer really fun food like pigs in a blanket and mac n' cheese and spray cheese...Oh, oh,oh and all those fun casseroles with chips on top?

Sorry my mom always made us eat healthy, I never got any of that weird orange food.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Photos, photos, photos!!!! Errrr, I mean, I hope you have a seriously fantastic TT themed party! :D I'm interested what your menu is going to be? Spam, KD (or no-name mac and cheese, KD might be too upscale for such a shindig), franks and beans, roadkill, moonshine? :)))

Seriously though, I do hope you have a great time and that everything comes together with your new place so that it's less Britney and more Martha.

Have an amazing Labour Day weekend, honey!
♥ Jessica

a H.I.T. said...

That is totally something I would do (and have done). Fortunately, I married a genius at undigging.

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