Jul 9, 2009

Five Tips Towards Glamorousness*

Many people ask me how I have become so Glamorous (well maybe one or two people). But, anyway, as an expert on the subject, I thought I would reveal some of my secrets to my beautiful readers. Since so many of us are short on cash in this bummer of a recession - all these tips are very wallet friendly. Enjoy!

  1. The $12 Face Lift: No, really, it's true! If you have never had your eyebrows professionally done - drop everything right this very instant and get ye to a salon! The cost is between $12 - $15 and most salons have a variety of methods: wax, threading, plucking, etc. In minutes, you will look and feel like a new person. Everyone will notice a difference in your appearance, but they won't know why. After your first professional shaping, it's pretty easy to keep up the look on your own with a good pair of tweezers.

  2. Stop Fearing the Eyelash Curler: I am always amazed at how many women tell me that they don't, or have never used an eyelash curler. Nothing opens up your eyes more than a quick clamp from this ingenious invention! On low key days, I don't even wear mascara, but I ALWAYS curl my eyelashes. And for special events - don't be afraid to try the faux lashes. There's a reason I look that good in my photos!

  3. High Heels: I know what you are going to say - "But, I can't walk in high heels! They hurt my feet! Blah blah blah! Etc." I am 5'8" and definitely don't need heels, but I can't live without them. There is nothing sexier than high heels, so get over it people and start practicing your strut!

  4. Choose Your Clothing Wisely: Know what fabrics, cuts and styles work best for your body and stick with it. There's nothing wrong with trying out new trends, but only stick with the ones that work for you. For instance, I always cringe when the babydoll dress is in fashion. There's nothing worse than a tall curvy girl in a baby doll dress! Side Note - HH and I just saw a commercial for Old Navy's "Slouchy" tshirts. Raise your hand if you want to look "slouchy." Ok, didn't think so. Great job Old Navy!

  5. Lipstick: Always wear it! So many women think they look "weird" in lipstick. But, the secret is that you don't have to wear a heavy color. I love wearing red lipstick for special occasions, but on a daily basis I like to wear something with just a slight tint. Right now I'm all about Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. It's their famous lip balm with a hint of color in 13 different shades. It feels great on your lips too!

Well, that's all for now my pretties! Feel free to send along your Glamour tips as well and I will post them here. Have a wonderful weekend!

*Disclaimer: These five tips do not guarantee Glamorousness as there are many more secrets to become a true Glamour Girl. But, reading this blog on a daily basis will get you pretty damn close!



Little Ms Blogger said...

Great tips!

I love lipstick and must admit, since unemployed, I don't really bother with makeup too much. However, when I put it on, people always comment how great I look (mind you - makeup=bare minerals, a tiny bit of shadow in crease of eye, little eyeliner and light tinted lipstick). I forget how much makeup can help.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list and thank you for reminding me that I need to get some fake lashes for a wedding I'm attending tomorrow! they make such a difference!! I totally agree about the clothing one. I don't follow fashion fads unless it looks ok on me and babydolls...make me look pregnant. which would be ok if I were. :-)

Ebony Haywood said...

Thanks! Great advice!

Legallyblondemel said...

Yes - I wholeheartedly agree with all of this! A well-shaped eyebrow truly does make a WORLD of difference appearance-wise. That plus my Shu Uemura eyelash curler are some of the best beauty investments I've made.

Debbie said...

I am also 5'8" with curves and I couldn't agree more with your comments regarding heels and fashion fads. Great advice you've posted!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fantastic tips! I already abide by each of these beauty secrets and must say that they really do go an inch and mile when it comes to helping one feel lovely from head-to-toe.

Thank you very much for your lovely birthday wishes, honey!!!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Dustjacket attic said...

I tell you ...you have it completely spot on in my book, I totally agree with those very wise tips!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. come get your award! http://mynetfinds.blogspot.com/2009/07/movie-monday-another-award.html

Lemondrop Marie said...

I used to do the high heel whine. But they do make a huge difference in the whole look and how I feel when I am dressed (and I NEED the height). I try to find ones I can stand in all day- boots with a great heel are the best!
Thanks for the great list.

a H.I.T. said...

I love the eyelash curler.

Bug said...

Great tips!

Ebony Haywood said...

Hey Glamour Girl,

I just tagged you with a blog award. Check out my post. :)

Adlibby said...

I swear by my eyelash curler! and throwing on a great pair of heels definitely ups the "feelin' sexy" factor which is essential to actual being sexy. I'm with you on everything but lipstick -- I prefer a colored gloss. But rock on! I'm hanging on your every word!