Jul 16, 2009

Triple Threat

OMG - I received three new awards from wonderful blogger friends and didn't even prepare a speech!
I apologize if it has taken me awhile to post these, but I've been in the middle of a move (which will hopefully be wrapped up this weekend).

First, I got the Water Cooler Wonder Award from Jessica at Chronically Vintage. Check out her blog for great vintage finds and pictures!

The second award I received was the Golden Blog Award from Kathy at My Net Finds, a wonderful resource of deals, coupons, sales, give-a-ways and more!

The third award is the Honest Scrap Award from Ebony at Sizzling Publications. Ebony is one intelligent and funny lady!

Thank you so much ladies! Everyone - please be sure to check out their blogs. I have decided to wait to pass these awards along as I have limited time right now. But, a caveat for the Honest Scrap Award was to tell 10 true things about yourself, which I will go ahead and do.

Readers - please vote on one of these things and I will expound upon the story in my next post. Some of them may not be as juicy as they sound, but some may be juicier - so choose wisely! ;)
  1. I worked at CBS headquarters for awhile and found myself stalking Dan Rather, but then I started to wonder if he was really the one stalking me...

  2. When I was working at CBS it was for the soap opera, As The World Turns

  3. When I was 15, I almost got arrested for prostitution

  4. I had a pet goat when I was about 3 years old

  5. I have a phobia of ketchup

  6. I became BFF with Venus Williams at a party one night a few years ago

  7. I partied for two nights in a row with Fab, the surviving member of Milli Vanilli before I even realized who he was

  8. I once unintentionally ended up at a lesbian bar dressed as Marilyn Monroe

  9. In the fifth grade, I punched the school bully in the face and made him cry

  10. My most prized possession is what I think may be a plastic, purple squirrell head

Ok, dear readers, your choice - what do you want to hear more about? I can't wait to see what you choose!!!



Liparazzi said...

Loving the blog!Great job! Come check mine out if you get a chance x

Little Ms Blogger said...

I love the fact that your 'purple head squirrel' is your most prized possession. Now I want one.

Amanda said...

What a fabulous life you have! Expanding on any of those would be intriguing, but I would have to go with the purple head squirrel.

Ebony Haywood said...

I vote for #2! :)

a H.I.T. said...

You and I should hang out sometime. Between my dancing on tables during brunch and your lesbian bar fiascos we'd make quite a team :)

Adlibby said...

OMG I want to read them all! ;) More... more!! Congrats on the awards.

dangerkitty said...

I would love to hear about stalking Dan Rather. I have a thing for news anchors, so watch out Brian Williams! :-)

Anonymous said...

How do we pick just one?!

Dustjacket attic said...

Well gosh, you have had some interesting times lil' lady.

Oh I think #6.xx

MissRedLips said...

i vote for number 1...sounds juicy!

Torie Jayne said...

Loving your post, my favorite is no 10, can we see pics? x