Aug 4, 2009

Going Down in Flames

On Friday I posted a "Choose Your Own Adventure" blog. I listed some stories about my life and you, the reader, decided what you wanted to hear. The outcome was a tie - so I have two klutzy Glamour Girl stories for you. I will post the second one later today.

The first story begins with me as a sorority girl over a decade ago, I mean...a couple of years ago of course! I had the elite title of Social Coordinator for my sorority. The great part about the job was that I got to plan all the parties. The not so great part was that I actually had to be in charge and act somewhat responsible at the parties.

Well, one party in particular was hosted by a fraternity on our campus and held at their house. The genius idea behind these parties was that the girls would start out upstairs going room to room playing different drinking games or taking different shots in each room. That is, until we weren't capable of actually playing the drinking games anymore and just all went downstairs to dance. At this particular party, there was a room that was serving Flaming Dr. Peppers. I was intrigued! After the first one, I was hooked! It consisted of a shot of amaretto topped with Bacardi 151. You then light the shot on fire, drop it into a glass of beer and chug*. If you've never had one, it DOES taste like Dr. Pepper. And everyone knows that yummy tasting drinks fool you into having WAY too many.

I think I had seven of them...hell...I don't remember...I could have had 20 or so. Next thing I knew the party was dwindling down and me being the responsible one wanted to make sure that everyone had a safe ride home. There were a couple of girls that I knew were still in the house, but I couldn't find them. I remember going upstairs and searching room to room and then the next thing I know, I was lying at the bottom of a long flight of wooden steps.

The next morning I woke up in my dorm room having no idea what happened or how I got there. I just knew that I had to get up and pee. As soon as I stepped foot out of bed, I immediately screamed and pulled my foot back up. Wow! What the hell did I do to my foot? I panicked! I could tell it was definitely broken. I woke up my roommate. She really didn't have any more answers than I did, but we rushed to the hospital and next thing I knew I was on crutches for six weeks trying to hobble around campus with a broken foot.

The pieces of the puzzle of that night did slowly come back to me little by little. Yes, I did fall down the stairs...yes, I laid there until someone found me and carried me back to my dorm (embarassing!!!)

Yes, I then used myself as an example in a speech to the whole sorority at our next meeting about how drinking too much can lead to bad things and that is why they should always rely on yours truly to safely send them home before things get out of hand. Yes, I'm SURE they all respected and looked up to me to keep them safe after that.

Job well done!

* Caution: DO NOT try this at home! Or, if you do, just don't blame me!



Anonymous said...

those flaming Dr. Peppers sound really goooood! I'm so sorry you broke your foot though! I almost fell down a flight of stairs once, but luckily I fell into the laundry basket sitting at the top instead. Embarassing, but nothing poor girl!

LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

oh wow! what a night! Good thing someone DID find you and take you to the hospital! I've been to a couple of frat parties in my day...I could see how easily such Dr. Pepper madness could occur :)

Glamour Girl said...

I'm laughing my ass off right now. Not AT you of course... but because (again) we are similar! I'm soooo uncoordinated. This sounds like a rare event for you but for those who really know me I run into walls. Only my inner circle knows this, I hide it well.

Also I had my first flaming Dr. Pepper on my 21st bday and have NOT had another since. Why? Can't tell you because I loved it. That is my goal now. I want to have one in the next 7 days for YOU! I'll take my photo.....

Debbie said...

I thought for sure you were going to tell us that someone's hair or eyebrows were singed! What a surprise!