Aug 7, 2009

My Imaginary Weekend

Ok, since I'm in a dancing mood, I've decided to add a new feature to my blog - "Playlist for this Weekend" located on the sidebar. This will be a custom selection of music each week based on the mood I'm in. You can turn it off if you want, but if you do you're officially NO FUN! :-P

Sometimes the imaginary life in your head is way more fun than real life. For example, this weekend on my to-do list is power washing the front porch and trimming hedges. I know - don't be jealous!!! imaginary to-do items include going out to A-list dance clubs, shmoozing and dancing my ass off.

I will wear this dress that I'm lusting after right now along with this cute blue clutch I'm lusting after right now. Both at Franchesca's. I love that store!

In honor of my high-profile weekend with my A-list celeb friends, the "Choose Your Own Adventure" theme for this Friday is the B-list celebs I have encountered in person. I have included these story choices in a previous post, but have not written about any yet. Choose your favorite and I will tell you the juicy details on Monday!
  1. Dan Rather's huge crush on me

  2. The night Venus Williams became my BFF

  3. Milli Mystery (or, how did I end up partying with Fab of Milli Vanilli for two nights in a row without knowing who the hell he was??!!)
Have a Dancerific Weekend!



Anonymous said...

love the music!

I choose the Dan Rather one :-)

Ebony Haywood said...

love that purse! i vote for the dan rather story!

Glamour Girl said...

holy shit. Is that a peacock dress? Send me an e mail. how do you get that on your sidebar?

The Whole Jenchilada said...

You should tell the story about the time you climbed up the side of a hotel in chicago to hang out with madonna.

Glamour Girl said...

@jenchilada - so true! Didn't we also swim across the river that night? While eating pizza and champagne? Only to find that we were wearing high-waisted mom jeans when we met up with Madonna? I think there was a lovely pic somewhere to document the event!

Kerree said...

I have to hear the Milli Vanilli one

MissRedLips said...

gotta hear about number 1!


Love that clutch bag...the color is delicious!
Hope you have a fabulous new week darling~