Aug 28, 2009

I Feel Pretty

I'm like a giddy schoolgirl today. Why? Because I am featuring an interview with one of my favorite bloggers - Legally Blonde Mel of I Pick Pretty. When I first encountered her online, I felt like the nerdy girl in the back of the class that wanted so much for the popular girl to like her. If LBM picks pretty, was I pretty enough to be her friend? I was thrilled when she began following my blog as well. She likes me! She really likes me!!!

Without further ado, I bring you the fabulous, witty, fashionable and pretty (of course) Legally Blonde Mel...

Based on your profile pic and your nom de plume, I am picturing you as a cross between Grace Kelly and Elle Woods. Am I way far off base? Are we ever going to get a glimpse of the real Mel?

If I’m having a very, very good day, complete with that mystical fuzzy Oprah lighting, I get compared to Ellen Pompeo or Renee Zellweger - read: squinty and blonde-ish. Grace and Elle more reflect my writing state of mind, the endless quest for that (wholly imaginary) perfect blend of professional excellence and personal style. Honestly, I never set out to be mysterious about my real identity; I initially didn’t post personal pictures out of fear of being Dooced. Now it’s more the issue of how to compete with all of the Grace Kelly photos, and the fact that she so embodies that exaggerated Ice Queen voice my blogging comes out in.

I’ll out myself one day soon, but this being me, there will be some sort of twist to it. Sometimes a girl just needs a twist, no? For what it’s worth, should any of you (non crazies) find yourself Austin, I’d love to meet for a drink and prove that I’m not actually a 43-year-old Guamanian father of six. I won’t even refer to you as my “pet” or my “darling”, believe it or not!

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of my favorite bloggers (The Freckled Citizen; TUWABVB; The Coconut Diaries; Milltini; SLynnRo; Elefantitas Alegres; Make Mine a Mojito) in person & hope someday to share a cocktail or ten with you and other readers. (GG Note: Oh! I'm there - I'm not crazy, I promise! Well, most of the time anyway...)

You often talk about the Ice Princess persona. I've been referred to that way many times based on how I look, which has sometimes made making friends pretty difficult. Have you ever had that problem? You do a good job at maintaining a "Prettier than Everyone Else" Ice Princess persona, but still being 100% likeable - any helpful tips on how to achieve this?

Thank you! As Betty Draper once said, “My people are Nordic”; so yes, I’ve absolutely had that problem. Combine my family background & whatever it is about my appearance, along with a natural tendency to be somewhat shy, and I’ve found myself battling that perception over the years. As I’ve written about before, I’m a recovering introvert – one that’s married to a raging extrovert, that is. With enough time, effort, and liquor, I like to think I’m making progress. I just try to remember that we all just want to be liked, and try to act kindly (mostly) from there.

Who are your top five favorite blondes of all time?

I take the Elle Woods approach to this – blonde is more a state of mind. This has absolutely nothing to do with the color of my roots. Ahem. My favorite blondes (the ones I’m not related to, that is):
1) Grace Kelly (GG Note: Shock!)
2) Jane Austen – Surprised? Perhaps she wasn’t strictly a blonde in real life, but I can’t think of anyone who better captures that spirit. The only author whose works I re-read annually.
3) Janet Leigh – another definitive Hitchcock (I’m a huge fan) blonde
4) Kate Winslet
5) Anna Wintour (I’d call her more blondish, but I’m afraid of her) (GG Note: I think everyone is!)

You're a lawyer in real life, but what is your ultimate dream job?

As much as I adore the practice of law (Miss America answer intro) . . . I’d like to have children even more than I’d like a vintage Kelly bag, just to give you the idea of how much I look forward to starting a family. But seriously, if the stars align, I will have a few Ralph Lauren ad style children, be running the PTA in manner of the fiercest South American dictator, and have time to blog more & do some freelance writing.

My inner word nerd would love to teach literature and American government, so that may be in my future as well. Oh, and I’d like a pony. Or ten. So something that supports that.

Your pug Wallace is adorable! My cat, Simon Jefferson, often likes to guest blog for me. Any chance that we'll see Wallace pen a few posts?

Thank you! Wallace, shameless show-off that he is, isn’t much of a writer. Too busy chasing the chicks. Actually, I’ve shied away from any pet writing due to my family, who likes to send out Christmas letters – not mere cards, but letters – as authored by Spike the cat. Nothing like finding out the details of your stepfather’s prostate surgery from your family feline. So I enjoy reading your & other blogger’s posts in this style, but I can’t quite go there yet. (GG Note: Perhaps we will hear from Spike then?)

I read your very first post where you persuaded readers that they should like you better than (insert Skank name here that rhymes with Maris). Not a tough choice for me, I've already cast my vote for you! How has your blog evolved since then?

I’d like to think I’ve grown as a writer over the past year, figuring out what feels authentic and creating a unique voice. As my writing has evolved, I’ve changed the design (meaning: hired excellent designers to do it for me), such that it now looks and sounds like something I’m proud of most days and representative of (a very over-the-top version of) me.

You recently celebrated your one year blogging anniversary - Congratulations! And you have over 400 followers. I'm impressed. Care to share any secrets of your blogging success?

Thanks! I haven’t the slightest idea. I mean, I’m egotistical and all, but I’m truly flattered that even one of you reads my dreck. But seriously, I try to stay focused on the writing (believe it or not) and not on my stat counter or how many followers I have. I figure if the content is decent & something I find enjoyable, hopefully others will like it too.

For any new bloggers out there (although at year 1, I count myself as a newbie too), regularly reading & commenting on blogs you enjoy is a very good start. Good, genuine comments – ie, not ones that are left solely to Pimp Your Blog – are one means to getting readers, and more importantly, they give you a different way to interact with the bloggers you like. For more on this subject, my blog friend NYC HIT recently wrote a terrific post about this here.

You've won an Academy Award! Who is designing your dress?

I may be a recovering introvert, but what I wouldn’t give for a day of red carpet primping and glamour. Hell, I’d happily strumpet back and forth in front of my house if couture were involved – no need for an event. I love the classics – Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Hererra, YSL, Chanel – but I also like what Thakoon and Marchesa are putting out as well. Kate Winslet at the 2009 Oscars was the picture of red carpet perfection to me. “Mad Men” aholic that I am, I’d hire that show’s wardrobe mistress to pull it all together with an early 60s sensibility. That’s right, Rachel Zoe, you heard me.

Mel - thanks for stopping by and being my very first interview! Check out I Pick Pretty right now for more style, wit, sarcasm and fun! And not by any means because she is featuring me on her blog today as well ;)



Anonymous said...

Hearing "I Feel Pretty" makes me think of my sister singing it in the paegant when she was in high school-hahaha.

I am an introvert as well...

love that Pug!

Tracy said...

I have another blogger ( I have been reading for years (and she, reading me). We have followed each other over here from OpenDiary and now other defunked blogging sites. I need to do this sort of interview with her, she is amazing.

I am still learning the ends and out of using blogger. I am having a hard time finding blogs to read and follow, but stumbled across yours and am really enjoying it.

Children of the 90s said...

Just came here via I Pick Pretty...even though I've been reading her blog for awhile, I learned a lot here :) That Kate Winslet dress is one of my favorites, too!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

LOVE the song playing on your blog! I found your site from I Pick Pretty's feature. You have a fab blog here!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

What a great interview, and even better the music to go along with it as well!

Kristin said...

Loved your feature! Mel is one of my VERY favorite bloggers. I can just imagine how gorgeous she is on the outside as she's simply beautiful on the inside. Wow, that sounded stalkerish. Ah ha

Llama said...

I loved this! What a great great idea! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Saw your interview on Pretty's, and I love the one you did on her! I'm also a 20-something suburbanite without kiddos or a urge to go get drunk like single people on Sat night!

a H.I.T. said...

I LOVE I Pick Pretty. She rocks. But maybe I just think that because believe it or not, I'm a fellow Ice Queen...

Leah Rubin said...

I guess my blog profile is too true when I called myself "Late to the Party"-- you just introduced me to Mel, and I'm delighted. Of course this does remind me of the time my daughter asked me (regarding a column I write for a local newspaper) if I had thought of writing "Ways In Which I'm Clueless". I wonder what she meant...

Legallyblondemel said...

Hey GG, thank you so much for doing this profile! I'm so honored to be featured.

PS - My apologies for the late comment; I had a terrible internet connection while away this weekend, so I was forced - forced! - to stay largely offline.

Anonymous said...