Aug 21, 2009

Touch My Food - I'll Bite Your Hand Off!

You know what makes me really cranky? Those restaurants that have the "family style dining" concept. You know what I'm talking about - where everybody orders something, but then passes it around and shares it with everyone else and it's supposed to be one big, happy, fun, family.

Here's my problem - I'm PICKY! Yes, I admit it. Everybody else always orders something that I wouldn't touch with a 10 ft. pole and I order the ONE thing that I will eat. And then everyone proceeds to eat off of my plate and continues to push their disgusting food in my face wondering why I won't eat it. Then I don't have enough to eat which makes me even crankier than before!

I've found myself at this type of restaurant a couple of times now in work situations, which makes it even worse because:
  1. I am trying to be polite and business-like and don't want to come off as a whiny brat

  2. Work dinners are always late in the evening and I am already starving

  3. Work dinners always consist of 5,000 people at the same table

  4. Having 5,000 people in your party always means that it will take 5,000 years to be seated

  5. Then it takes 5,000 years to order

  6. Which then means 5,000 more years until your food actually shows up

  7. By this time I've had approximately 5,000 alcoholic beverages because there is nothing better to do while I wait and endure polite work chatter

  8. Alcohol makes me even hungrier than I was before

  9. Everyone else makes comments regarding the fact that I must not be hungry because I'm turning down their offers to eat all of the disgusting crap that they've ordered

  10. By the time everyone else eats all of MY food, I am: drunk, angry, hungry and tired. And then everyone wonders why I look like I'm in such a bad mood.

So, the moral of the story is - touch my food and I will bite off your hand!

Does anyone else have this problem? Am I just a picky bitch and need to learn to get along better in society? It's ok - you can tell me the truth!



Life's short. Type fast. said...

I totally have been in this situation before! And a lot of times people will eat my food, and then offer me meat. I'm a vegetarian. What's worse is when people eat my food and they say, "I'd give you some, but you can't eat it"!

Yankee Girl said...

Why is it that people think it is okay to do this????

I have no problem sharing with my husband and maybe a close friend or two, but family style and work dinners do not go together. And naturally if you are a picky eater then you are ordering the best thing on the menu. Of course people don't realize it until the food shows up and then they leave you with nothing.

The only thing I can suggest is let the server know you are ordering it for yourself so he/she can give it directly to you, instead of someone else at the table.

And one more thing....

What happened to manners? Do these people not realize what they are doing or are they just too rude to care?

Anonymous said...

hahaha, ok, sorry had to laugh but you so crack me up.

and I completely agree with you, I am super picky about my food!

Anonymous said...

p.s. great music playing!

Little Ms Blogger said...

My sister would love going to dinner with you.

People are always amazed that she doesn't offer up a bite of her dinner or share her dessert.

She finds that she's always having to defend her position.

Personally, I share food, but not fond of the family restaurants. I may not like what others like and feel compelled to order something the majority like.

However, I will still share. But, I don't ever go to dinner with someone EXPECTING that person to share their food with me. That's not the reason of going to dinner with another person.

Debbie said...

I'm not exactly picky but that whole family style sucks. Whoever is last gets the slop left at the bottom of the bowl. All the good sauce, toppings, sprinklings, drizzlings, are good as gone. While you're left with greasy bottom of bowl and unidentified leftover pieces parts that the 5000 other people picked over, yum!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

OH man do I agree with you! I want my own food. Even with B, i say, get away and get your own.

a H.I.T. said...

100 percent agree with you. This happened at one of Husby's work dinners (which is even worse because I'm a wife and don't really have a say on which meals we order). YUCK.

Glamour Girl said...

I swear I'd go by and eat some sushi prior to dinners like that. Then I'd just consider the actual event a 'social necessity'. You'd be happier!