Jun 25, 2009

The Glamorous Thirties

Not that long ago, it was completely un-glamorous to admit to being any older than 29. But, in recent years attitudes have started to shift making it sexy and glamorous to be a slightly older woman.

Despite some of the atrocities that come with being in my thirties (can't drink as much as I use to, can't party as much as I use to, need more sleep, WHAT??? - where did those wrinkles come from all of a sudden??), I actually enjoy it!

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy being in my thirties:

  • Old enough to know who my real friends are; not too old to dump the ones who aren't

  • Old enough to have established a career; not too old to change directions

  • Old enough to act mature and responsible; not too old to have a good time

  • Old enough to know how to dress appropriately; not too old to try out new trends

  • Old enough to raise kids; not too old to act like a kid myself

  • Old enough to be independent; not too old to know I can still rely on family

  • Old enough to be thankful for the life I have; not too old to change it if I'm not

  • Old enough to know what I want in a relationship; not too old to insist that I get it

  • Old enough to make decisions on my own; not too old to ask for guidance

  • Old enough to stand up for what I believe; not too old to be stuck in my ways



In Bug's Drawers said...

This is a great post and attitude. I am not far off from 30 and I hope to embrace it too.

Anonymous said...

well put! I never understood the big deal about being 30 anyway, it's just a number!

LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

here here!!! I concur!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Awesome post, Glamour Girl.

Debbie said...

Very well written! For me, late 20s - early 30s was pretty bad. But I'm glad to be past it now. 30s are definitely better!

Glamour Girl said...

Damn girl! You got it totally straight! The thirties are my favorite so far! I'm 36 so I've had some damn good 30's experience!


Jessica Cangiano said...

What an absolutely wonderful list! It's both encouraging and reassuring for someone like myself who's soon to be 25, to read a modern woman's take on what your 30s are really like. Thank you for writing this post, reading it today truly made my weekend brighter.

♥ Jessica

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Thats a great list indeed; well written