Jun 18, 2009

Wake Up Glamour Girl!

Ok, so it's 5:00 am and the oh-so-Glamorous-One is still asleep. Seven years with her and we're still playing this game! Don't you get it toots?

"Meow!" means "Wake the fuck up and turn on the bathtub faucet because the water you left out last night is not good enough for me." and -

"Meow!" means "Wake the fuck up and give me some more food, not really because I'm hungry, but IF I were hungry I would definitely want some food in my bowl and there is currently none there." and -

"MEOW!!!!" means "Wake up now you stupid bitch and pay me some attention instead of sleeping your life away!!!" I mean really, you leave the house every single day all day. If you aren't taking a nap somewhere then what the hell are you doing?

The tall one is awake, but he already went out the door to go to a place he calls the "gym." I'm not sure why he goes there so much. He always comes back out of breath and sweaty. Doesn't look like fun to me. Maybe they have a big ball of yarn that he chases?

So, I've tried every trick in the book on the Glamorous One: swished my tail in her face, played hopscotch on her belly, used her body as a spring board as I ran at full speed across the bed, knocked everything I could off the dresser - What is it going to take???

Oh wait...she's moving...she's stretching...YES! I've done it - she's waking up. Gotta go!

Peace Out,
Simon Jefferson


Anonymous said...

hahahaha, that is how it is! My cat is exactly like that :-)

The Pretty Provy said...

totally greatful right now that my cat is so independent and only deigns to acknowledge me if she has an itch that needs to be scratched.

simple girl said...

ah what a stud! love the new blog look btw

Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like my cat! Very funny post.

I love the new blog look, too!

Glamour Girl said...

Yes, Simon can be a handful in the early morning, but thankfully he's really good the rest of the day and he's too cute not to forgive for his morning antics!