Jun 11, 2009

Random Rant of the Week

If you live in the Southeast US or have spent any amount of time there - you will know exactly what I am talking about: I am SICK of FREEZING MY ASS OFF all summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do people think that just because it is 90 degrees outside, it must be subzero temperatures inside? Great! Now no matter if I'm inside or outside - I will suffer miserably!

Reasons I hate air conditioning abuse:
  • All my cute summer dresses and open-toed shoes go to waste because I'm covered up with big, bulky sweaters.
  • Talk about destroying the environment! Not only is the air conditioning going full blast, but so is the space heater under my desk so my feet don't get frostbite.
  • People wonder why I get sniffly all summer. Ummm...hello! It's because I'm going back and forth between a 150 degree sauna and the frosty Antarctic. Human bodies weren't meant to survive these extreme temperatures!
  • Men don't seem to experience this misery, which pisses me off even more!


simple girl said...

Wow! I ditto everything you just said. It's annoying wearing a jacket in the summer!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I actually kinda dread summer sometimes...

Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY agree with everything you said. It pisses me off that I have to carry a sweater with me all summer because every establishment I enter has their air conditioner cranked to such freezing temps.

Anonymous said...

Oh Amen. Sometimes I wonder if it is just me.

Mistaken Identity in MI said...

I AGREE, why is it that in the winter the heat goes up to 80 freaken degrees in the house but when it summer and barely 70 in the house, the air is on until it reaches 60, are you freaken kidding me??