Jun 17, 2009

I'll Start on Monday

Monday always seems like a great day to start something new - a diet, workout routine, quitting a bad habit, etc.

This is why every weekend I have the perfect workout routine in my head that I promise myself will start on Monday. It's not that I'm lazy or anything - I just HATE working out! I have tried every trick in the book to make myself like exercising, but it's just not so glamorous being red-faced, sweaty and not able to catch my breath.

I do have a gym right across the street from my house that I donate a large sum of money to every month. So, why can't I make myself go?
I will use any excuse - for example:
  • Creepy trainer guy will stare at my chest the whole time

  • I had a tough day at work, so time for a reward instead of punishment

  • I'm too hungry

  • I'm too full

  • I think my stomach kind of hurts

  • I'm on my period

  • My period is about to start any second

  • I have way too many errands to run

  • Did someone say "Girl's Night?"

  • Drinking and working out don't mix

  • My left pinky toe feels funny, better not make it worse

  • Why go today when I can just go tomorrow and work out extra hard?

So, last night when my oh-so-motivated husband came home from work to find me curled up on the couch under a comfy blankie and asked me ever so sweetly, "Will you go to the gym with me?" much in the same way he would ask me on a date, I caved. DAMNIT! He got me! I was back on the hampster wheel before I knew it. Ok, Britney, Fergie, Kayne - you with me? Let's go!


Anonymous said...

I hate working out too and I can't bring myself to go to a gym! I finally started doing the 30 day shred and found it's not too bad and I've stuck with it longer than any other exercise regimine I've tried.

Anonymous said...

I like the header, is that new? :-)

Glamour Girl said...

Thanks Kathie! Yes, I'm playing with my header. I don't know much HTML or Photoshop, but I'm trying to make it more unique.

I heard the 30-day shred is a killer! Jillian scares me ;)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

You are too funny! I've got WAY more reasons NOT to work out than that! (Although, yours are really funny)

You look fantastic! Do whatever you are doing, cuz i'm sure it's just fine..., but if your husband wants to ask you out on a date next time, tell him it better include dinner and a movie!

Rupert Alistair said...

You are a very funny lady! ;)
As a gentleman, thanks for the tip in trying to get my way. LOL
Thanks for the chuckle.