Jun 9, 2009

Just Dance

Usually you don't notice the music at all when you're in a grocery store. But, if you do, it's usually the standard, generic elevator music. Well, my husband and I happened to be at our local grocery one evening recently and "Footloose" started playing rather loudly. I immediately started giggling and my husband gave me a strange look.

I told him that I was imagining someone spontaneously busting out into a dance routine - leaping down the aisle, spinning, shaking their hair wildly, sliding on their knees down the cereal aisle, etc. I wonder what would happen? What would people do? Just stop and watch? Join in? Would the dancer get escorted out by the grocery police? If I only had the guts to do something like that.

A few weeks after that, we were at a home decor store. We were in a section with lots of mirrors when a Britney song came on. (Ok, I do realize this is the second time I've mentioned Britney in my blog. I love rock, but I can be a sucker for pop music too!)

My stepdaughter (who I call Chica) started dancing in front of the mirrors. It's funny how 5-year-olds don't really care what other people think. How do we go from that to being an adult and worrying about what everyone thinks? Well, of course I didn't feel right leaving my Chica to dance all by herself. So, I joined in. By the end of the song we were both laughing and smiling and I really don't remember giving a damn what anyone else thought.

So, my recommendation is: whenever you feel the urge - just dance!

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